Take off into the future

Our goal is to remove the barrier between traditional ways of aerial mobility and the innovative AI-based opportunities. We are convinced, that a deeper understanding of the progressive potential for self-flying vehicles will change our behaviors of movement, transportation and aerial reconnaissance in the same fundamental way the invention of the airplane did decades before.

"Explore the good to find the better."

Aerial AI driven by multi-sensoral data.

AI Autonomy Lab

We develop the brain of future mobility towards Level 5 Autonomy.

AI Software

We deliver full-stack aerial AI software including Sensor-Fusion, Perception, Scene-Understanding, SLAM such as Planning and Control.

3D Sensors

Our brains look with the eyes of 360 cameras, 3D Lidar and 3D Radar. The data is fused in a 3D environmental model accompanied with accurate positioning systems.

Data annotations

We record and deliver large scaled multi-sensoral data-sets with Ground Truth (e.g. 3D Semantics) to train your specific AI.

Aerial Vehicles

We develop the AI platform for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Autonomous Air-Taxis such as Autonomous Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicles.

Lidar SLAM

Our HD-SLAM algorithm measures every environment in 3D based on the latest Lidar technology. This method is highly accurate and effective such as cost-conscious.

Semantic Mapping

Our AI parses every scene automatically to detect any kind of object (trees, agricultural fields, bridges, building, rails) for any kind of task.

Research and References

We're not just talking about AI, we're doing AI. See our latest accepted papers:

The team

Spleenlab was founded by a team of engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs. As early pioneers of autonomous flying software engineering we are excited about the possibilities the AI based air mobility will bring. With our experience and our skills in deep learning, autonomous mobility, vision and graphics we are working day after day to make this groundbreaking future a reality.

Dr. Stefan Milz, PhD


Deep Learning & Autonomous Flying

Dipl. Hdl. Tobias Rüdiger


Business & Strategy

Sebastian Süß, M.A.


Conception & Communication

Florian Ölsner, B.Sc.

Software Engineer

Robotics Cognition Intelligence

Friedrich Moeller, M.Sc. (PhD candidate)

Software Engineer

Laser and Sensor Engineering

Mateusz Olichwer

Creative Director

Visual Design Lead


spleenlab UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Hauptstr. 18

07929 Saalburg-Ebersdorf