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Safe machine learning solutions

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Our AI platform enables safe autonomous mobility of any kind of flying and driving vehicles and beyond.

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Safe AI Software Portfolio

Explore our embedded realtime AI solutions covering the highest safety standards.


Our HD-SLAM algorithm measures every environment in 3D with a centimeter precise localization. Perfect for indoor and gps-denied zones.

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AI Safety

Our SAFE AI based on Modularity and Sensor dissimilarity guarantees redundant Sensor Paths leading to higher safety. So we are able to target critical standards like SORA (drones), SOTIF (autromotive) and DO-178 (aviation).

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We provide Machine Learning solutions on various sensor technologies (RGB, NIR, Lidar, Radar), e.g. 2D/3D Object Detection and Tracking, Semantic Segmentation, Panoptical Segmentation such as advanced Mapping and 3D Reconstruction.

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Sensor Fusion

Our systems sense the world with different cameras, Lidar, Radar and more, with unreached Safety and performance. The data is fused in a 3D environmental model accompanied with accurate positioning systems.

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3D Real­time Map­ping

Realtime 3D Mapping on a Survey Grade Level upt to the precision of some centimeters without the need of gps and advanced features like Semantics and Objects.

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Precise route planning is crucial for the safe automated mobility of moving and flying vehicles. We provide embedded, dynamic real-time path-finding.

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SPLEENLAB was founded by a team of engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs. With our experience in deep learning, autonomous mobility, computer vision and graphics we are working to make this groundbreaking future a reality.

Dr. Stefan Milz

Head of Research & Development

Dipl. Hdl.
Tobias Rüdiger

Head of Operations & Finance

Sebastian Süss, M.A.

Head of Marketing & Sales

Florian Ölsner, M.Sc.

Machine Learning Scientist

Mateusz Vaupel

Creative Director

Chris Hagen,
Dipl. Ing.

Software Engineer

Malek Bouguerra

Machine Learning Engineer

Marian Seeliger

Sales Manager Global

Dr. Patrick Wohlfahrt

Machine Learning Advisor

Yitong Quan

Software Engineer

Florian Ludewig

Machine Learning Engineer

Awards & Research

We're not just talking about AI, we make it. Safe and successful. See here our latest achievements and accepted research paper.