VisionAIR Cube

VisionAIr Max

4 time sensor redundancy
1.5 kilogramm
3D Lidar Mapping
On Board Data Processing
GPS and V2X independent
AI Sensor Fusion
Agnostic Plattform Solution
vehicle independency
endless application possibilities
360° perception
Lidar SLAM
Safe AI Algorithms

Our revolutionary VisionAIr Sensor Cube combines compact and lightweight design with secure AI applications and a unique 4x sensor fusion of lidar laser, radar, fisheye camera and front camera. This enables highly accurate 360° environmental perception for a wide range of applications in real-time and on board of the carrier platform - whether drone, helicopter, car or ship. VisionAIr enables any kind of automated mobility, real-time mapping, inspection & monitoring in the shortest possible time. Fast, safe and customized for each of your challenges.

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At SPLEENLAB we are developing safe AI products for autonomous mobility towards level 5 especially for flying, driving and beyond.

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