Interview with John Vernon // CTO & Co-Founder – DroneUp

DroneUp, working for the world’s largest retailer Walmart, is set to change home delivery is done by using drones and Spleenlab’s VISIONAIRY® Precise Landing software for fully autonomous delivery missions. We are very […]

VISIONAIRY® Driving Products – Online Calibration

Sensors in vehicles are permanently calibrated from the factory and can become misaligned over time. With our AI-based VISIONAIRY® Online Calibration Software, we can detect this offset and permanently recalibrate […]

Interview with our Software Engineer – Ashwanth Ravi

In our latest interview, Ashwanth Ravi, Software Engineer – Robotics, talks about his educational background, his passions and work at Spleenlab.  He describes how AI software can play a fundamental role in the future […]