CVPR 2020: Spleenlab coorganizes the first WS for Omnidirectional Computer Vision

Our objective is to provide a venue for novel research in omnidirectional computer vision with an eye toward actualizing these ideas for commercial or societal benefit. As omnidirectional cameras become more widespread, we want to bridge the gap between the research and application of omnidirectional vision technologies. Omnidirectional cameras are already widespread in a number of application areas such as automotive, surveillance, photography, simulation and other use-cases that benefit from large field of view. More recently, they have garnered interest for use in virtual and augmented reality. We want to encourage the development of new models that natively operate on omnidirectional imagery as well as close the performance gap between perspective-image and omnidirectional algorithms. This full day workshop has twelve invited speakers from both academia and industry.

To the Workshop:

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