CVPR 2021: Spleenlab coorganizes the 2nd WS for Omnidirectional Computer Vision


From immersive experiences to autonomous driving to medical imaging and more, we are increasingly seeing that maximizing a camera’s field of view can solve real-world problems. In the past few years, omnidirectional imaging has grown in interest, driven in part by the desire to maximize the amount of content and context encapsulated by a single image. Fisheye cameras installed in modern vehicles and commodity omnidirectional cameras from companies like Ricoh and Insta360 have helped to increase the popularity of this imaging modality and have opened the door for more consumer-facing applications in the automotive, home services and real estate industries, among others. Our workshop seeks to provide a link between the formative research that supports these advances and the realization of commercial products that leverage this technology. We want to encourage the development of new algorithms and applications for this imaging modality that will continue to drive this engine of progress.

To the WS:

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