CVPR 2021 – Spleenlab coorganizes Safety Workshop

Together with well known partners in the Automotiv Industry Spleenlab coorganizes Safety Workshop.


Autonomously driving vehicles will undoubtedly change the world. The realization of these changes is a huge challenge for the automotive industry. Safe AI plays a central role. The fact that automated vehicles are highly safety-critical requires the highest standards for AI based systems, and the computer vision community has to find a solution to this problem. The AI based systems must be explainable, so that their behavior can be understood and assessed. They have to be robust against attacks (keyword: adversarial attacks) as well as against perturbations in the input data (e.g. caused by slight soiling on the sensor). Furthermore, they must generalize over all domains in which the vehicle might be present (keyword: different weather and lighting conditions). Furthermore, they should behave according to the specification and not show any surprising behavior.

The preparation of the specification brings up another topic – ethical and legal issues.

In order to be able to offer customers a safe product, standardization is a proven tool. Here, AI experts meet with safety experts, which is still a new field and will hardly be discussed in the main conference. Due to the close interaction of ethics and standardization with Safe AI, we also want to offer these communities a stage and thus encourage the exchange between the communities.

Last but not least, we want to look beyond our own noses and explore the state of the art in Safe AI in other domains such as aerospace and discuss its transferability to the automotive industry.

To the Workshop:

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